Marvel Avengers Initiative: Captain America

Level Designer
Wideload Games

First DLC for Marvel Avengers Intiative, on iOS and Android. It came out in 2013 and got a MetaCritic score of 77. This expansion had an all new character with new combat and new story arc following Captain America. This game was released under the same name as Hulk, and was for iOS and Android.

“IGN People’s Choice Award” – IGN
“The Best Touch-Screen Brawler released this year” – IGN
“One of the Best Fighting Adventure Games on the App Store” – Mojodo
‘4 out of 4 – Must Have” – Slide To Play

My duties as Level Designer:

  • Level layout for interior and exteriors
  • Worked with environmental artists to create interesting views for the fixed camera
  • Item placement
  • Worked with engineers on Captain America’s special abilities system and costume system
  • Worked with UI designer on the store management
  • Collaborated with Audio Designer for audio implementation