Marvel Avengers Initiative: Captain America

Level Designer
Wideload Games

My duties as Level Designer:

  • Blocked out and iterated on interiors and exteriors of Hyrda ship and Taskmaster arena
  • Utilized locations and proven combat system to drive player progression
  • Worked with environmental artists to create powerful feeling composition for the over-the-shoulder fixed camera
  • Balanced items and currency
  • Collaborated with engineers on Captain America’s special abilities system and costume system
  • Worked with UI designer on the store management
  • Supported the Audio Designer and audio implementation

ROLE: Game Designer
COMPANY: Wideload Games
PLATFORM: iOS and Android

“IGN People’s Choice Award” – IGN
“The Best Touch-Screen Brawler released this year” – IGN
“One of the Best Fighting Adventure Games on the App Store” – Mojodo
‘4 out of 4 – Must Have” – Slide To Play