I go by Cindy or Cyn and I make digital games. My pronouns are They/She.
I am currently living in New Zealand and working as Design Lead at Studio Mayday.
My goals are to make great games that influence the way people think and feel.

Starting in 2010, I have worked as a Game Designer at Culture Shock Games, Disney Interactive Studios, Wideload Games, Solo Indie, and now for Studio Mayday! Check out my shipped titles from the main page.

I have been a mentor to new game developers through initiatives such as the 3G Summit, Working Lunch, and GLITCH. I co-founded the Voxelles in Chicago, and am currently an organizer for Game Developers of Wellington meetup. I have been the Judging Mangager for New Zealand Game Festival’s Pav Awards for the last two years, as well as being an IGF Judge and Juror, and an Indiecade Judge for many years. I love to give back to the community, help others get started and stay in the games industry.

I graduated in May 2009 from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. I have been making games professionally since 2010.

If you would like to contact me: cindy at cindymakesgames dot com