Unannounced Title

Design Lead (Present)
Studio Mayday

Design Lead Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with the Creative Director to help establish the overall vision for projects
  • Designed game mechanics, systems, and content that realize the project vision.
  • Worked on all aspects of the game’s design: concepting, prototyping, game loops, player experience, level design, scripting, and balancing.
  • Constructed and iterated on blockouts with a cross-discipline level team
  • Created and maintained internal design department pipelines and worked with other department leads to establish multi-department pipelines between our departments
  • Proactively worked to improve the gameplay experience at all phases of development
  • Worked with production and project lead to create design deliverables
  • Created and maintained the GDD throughout preproduction and production
  • Ran play tests and team-wide discussions to ensure quality, playability and fun.
  • Mentored junior design team