Game Jam Games

A game with a few two many puns. This game was part of the Butterscotch Shenanigan’s yearly Game Jam, where I used limiting factors to create my first solo game jam game. Enjoy the narrative roller coaster as you attempt to find the reason for all the sand disappears in this Game Boy music and art style.

2014: Kaiju Date Force, Global Game Jam (iOS/Android/PC/Mac)

I participated in the Global Game Jam in 2014, the topic was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Kaiju Date Force is a cross-platform co-op giant robot puzzler kaiju alien dating sim. The theme relates by showing how humans interpret foreign ides into concepts that we understand whether or not it’s logical to do so. This can be translated from Humans and Aliens to Humans of different backgrounds. The point of the game is to seek better understanding of these giant ‘monsters’ with a hint of romance <3

2013: Birds Eat Everything, Science Game Jam (PC/Mac)

I participated in a Science Game Jam at the Field Museum in Chicago.  My team’s game won the Science Award, it was called “Birds Eat Everything”. It was inspired by our backstage tour of the Museum’s areas, and it’s massive collection of birds. Our team was assigned a scientist working at the Museum to be our adviser, he studied birds.