Level Blockmesh Process

Rough steps of the process I use

Mission: Dishonesty Gameplay

Mechanics, Stealth Puzzles, Cutscenes, Collectables, and Contraints

Mission: Dishonesty Layout & Details

Map Flow, and Walkthrough

Mission: Dishonesty Story

Questions, Map Story, and Incidental Narratives

Mission: Dishonesty Look and Feel

Architecture, Materials, Pacing, Lighting, and Environment

Mission: Dishonesty Overview

Player Focus, Map Objectives, Characters, and Enemies

Dishonored Blockmesh Introduction

Mission, Table of Contents, and Design Pillars

Running List of Helpful Game Dev Articles & Vids

Helpful Game Dev Articles & Vids

Quests Designations

How to label and sort quests

Helpful Resources

A helpful resource list