I am Cindy, and I make games.
I am currently living in New Zealand and working on a new project using Unreal Engine 4.
My goals are to make fun and challenging games. Challenging games that change the way people think and feel. I believe that there is a way to make fun games that also show other ideas, ways of life, struggles, and dreams. Games that can change the world.

I have worked at Culture Shock Games, LLC. and Disney Interactive Studio, Wideload, and now for my self!

I have mentored new game developers through projects such as the 3G Summit, and GLITCH. I co-founded the Voxelles in Chicago, a diversity initiative with events such as skype calls with industry professionals, workshops, and safe space hangouts.

My last title, We Are Chicago, is an empathy game geared at allowing players to experience life as a South-Side Chicagoian. This game will allow players to see the challenges of another life and learn about how a few mile can make all the difference in someone’s life.

I graduated in May 2009 from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. I have been making games professionally since 2010.

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