(The list below is an excerpt from “How Santa Monica Studio Nailed Exploration in God of War” article. It was modified to be a bit more generic with general quests in a story driven game.)

“A” Quests

  • Full levels of dedicated content
  • Cinematic support, heavy narrative
  • Quests acquired through an established character

“B” Quests

  • Encourage exploration to the edges and tunnels of map
  • No cinematic support, moderate narrative support
  • Quests acquired through generic NPC

“C” Quests

  • Provide additional discoverability and reward exploration
  • Light, non-critical narrative support
  • Utilize gameplay modules (abilities, mechanics, interactions)

“D” Quests

  • Checklists, milestones, stat counters
  • No narrative support
  • Challenges

Quest Interactions

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