This mock-up encapsulates a single introductory map in Arkane’s Dishonored universe. This map would be the first in the standalone story such as Death of the Outsider was to the franchise.

The first level begins before any supernatural powers have been bestowed, and the player proceeds through the tutorial and explores the core of sneak mechanics.

This map revolves around a young Jessamine Kaldwin and Delilah Copperspoon. The level would be composed of two parts, outside in Dunwall Gardens, and inside Dunwall tower where the Vase incident would occur.

Player Focus

The player focus is to follow the tutorial out to the dock, and then successfully sneak from the dock across gardens and into Dunwall Tower. They will need to keep to the shadows, and avoid Jessamine’s nurse and Dunwall guards. Delilah acts as a tutor, and helps instruct the player how to sneak.

Map Objectives

Main Objectives

  • Follow the tutorial instructions.
  • Keep to the shadows, and avoid nurse and guards.
  • Make it into Dunwall Tower from any entrance.

Secondary Objectives

  • Solve Stealth puzzles
  • Explore all areas of the gardens


Main Characters

  • Jessamine Kaldwin – The player character and heir to the throne
  • Delilah Copperspoon – Jessamine’s half sister, and daughter of a servant.

Secondary Characters

  • Jessmine’s Nurse – babysitter
  • Dock workers – neutral NPC’s


  • Tower Guards – guards that will reprimand Jessamine and reset her progress if spotted.

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