Jessamine’s father ascended to the throne after the previous empress was assassinated and after a violent uprising in the lands had ended. He knew nothing of leading an empire through strife, and Dunwall Tower changed much from a time of peace, to the uprising, and back relative peace. This would have reflected itself in the architecture and buildings.

1837 Dunwall in Dishonored has a patchwork of real life architecture styles. Dunwall tower is reminiscent of the Neo-gothic style, while the houses around the tower are mostly Edwardian London. Coldridge Prison is very brutalistic and modern in comparison.

New construction would be using the same materials as previous buildings, as well as trying to blend architectural styles.


Building materials would be the same as the original tower, quarried pale rock and stone, with light gravel paths. The pale stone would be visually broken up with bits of green from decorative foliage, ivy, and trees. The public areas would contain minimal woodwork because metal would have been seen as a much more luxurious material in this age. Blue and gold flags of the Kaldwin family would be flying across the grounds.

New large industrial pipes for water and waste are being installed. Cast iron fences with spiked ridges are being installed along the outer walls and some of the inner walls. The massive amount of metal needed for this project would only have been possible the start of the industrial revolution.


As the induction level, this map also serves as the tutorial in sneaking. There are no supernatural powers to utilize, but there are crawl spaces, walls, and half constructed projects that provide cover and secrets.

Playtime would be around 20 minutes before the player should reach inside of the Tower. Once they are inside they should have a firm grasp of the basics.


The map would take place in early evening, workmen would be finishing up tasks and waiting to leave the grounds. Guards would be a bit more vigilant with the shadows beginning to lengthen.


During the violent uprising, there would have been hastily erected fortifications and increased military presence that would change the tower and it’s grounds. Jessamine’s father would have wanted to show his right to the throne since he was not a descendant to the previous line. His first acts on a drained economy would be to create jobs, this approach has been typical from other rulers over the course of history.

Constructing an improved Dunwall Tower to assert dominance and bolster the economy would be a good plan. Major new changes would be:

  • Gazebo (New construction)
  • Extended the Gardens (Upgrade)
  • New Lock/ Boat Lift Building (New construction)
  • Decorative Fountain (Upgrade)


The Gazebo would be mid construction. Part of the base would be exposed showing more pipes and small crawl spaces. The ceiling would be missing and only some of the pillars would be erected with scaffolding around them. Plans and building materials would be scattered around showing the final product as seen in Dishonored 1.

Extended the Gardens

The previous gardens had been destroyed to make way for some hastily built fortifications and troop barracks. These are being torn down and the garden is being put back in place.

New Lock/ Boat Lift Building

Before the technology existed for the boat lift, the Tower probably would have used a ramp to a dock. Upgrading the ramp into a new Lock building would have been a huge undertaking.

The original building plans would have had used manual labor to fill the lock and lift boats. Sokolov’s new hydraulic technology would have been retrofitted over the building once it was invented. It is possible that during Jessamine’s reign the building was only finished right before this invention, and possibly spurred Sokolov’s research into this area.

Evidence of this is the large amount of steel used in the inside of the building, along with the windows of pressed sheet glass, and the retrofitted pipes outside. The massive amounts of these materials would have only been possible during the industrial age, but not so close as to have had the large pipes incorporated into the building.

Decorative Fountain

Upgrading the front entrance would have been once of the first projects and the most far along by the start of the story. The update would consist of the installation of a decorative fountain to replace a statue of the previous Empress. It would use water from the existing moat.

The 2 staircases is reminiscent of an earlier architectural style, probably original from when the Tower was first being constructed. This area would later go on to be redone in a more modern style under Jessamine’s rule.

Later in Dishonored 1 & 2, the player comes back to this map, there is new construction in these versions. Every time the player returns to this map, in the main games, and in DLC there are major differences. Peaceful, Chaotic, and in flux. This version of the map would show ordered construction, clean and aristocratic.

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