• Jump
  • Crouch
  • Chain climb
  • Slide
  • Vault
  • Jump-Climb

Stealth Puzzles

Dock Guard – Must slip by as they survey the docks, keeping an eye on the workers. Must be solved, either going left, choosing to go up, or right and around.

Gate Guard – Paths through the main gate from the choke point. This can be avoided entirely.

Lawn Guard – Paths by the carriage house, and by the front stairs. This guard can be avoided as well, or slipped by when they are not looking.

Prison Guard – This guard patrols the bridge to the prison. They path from inside the security hut to around the front door. They can be avoided, or slip by on the left.

Orchard Guard – A shirking guard taking a sit in the gardens away from other guards. This guard stays put and just looks around. This guard can be avoided, slipped behind, or use the arches as cover.

Guard Door – Three guards patrol the front door, one inside the security hut, and two outside facing the carriage door and speaking to each other.

Guard on Watch – The guard patrols the top of the old constructed watch platform. They occasional look out at the prison and pathing over a trapdoor.


  1. Map Opening – Jessamine and Delilah on the bridge talking about the future
  2. Water Lesson – At the end of the controls tutorial on the edge of the dock Delilah pushes Jessamine into the water and runs off taunting.
  3. Map Ending – Jessamine walks through the front of the Tower. Delilah taunts.
  4. Map optional Ending – Jessamine takes the guard/servant entrance into the tower. Delilah mocks.


  • Health tonics
  • Notes
  • Books


  • No use of special powers
  • Tutorial level, reduced difficulty
  • Minimal risk, progress is set back to previous checkpoint when detected

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